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Spanish Society of Mass Spectrometry

The SEEM is a society constituted to bring together the interests and facilitate the communication of all those involved with mass spectrometry in all its aspects, organic, inorganic and biological.

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Profesor Matthias Mann

Professor Matthias Mann, protein research, receives prestigious European award

Professor Matthias Mann has just received the prestigious Louis-Jeantet Prize for medicine for his outstanding results in areas such as cancer research. His work has significant therapeutic implications that could improve the diagnosis and treatment of for instance cancerous tumours.


Technology today allows us to analyse a human genome in a short amount of time, and Professor Matthias Mann works with advanced analytical methods, which in the long term can characterise proteins and their interactions in the human organism – the proteome.


Proteomics is a very promising area of research in the fields of medicine and biology. By characterising human proteome, it is possible to analyse of an entire set of proteins expressed in a cell or organism. This allows – in rough terms – the possibility of comparing healthy tissue with for example cancer tissue, and thus become more aware of which proteins are involved in the development of specific diseases.



Picture: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

“Together with my colleagues, I have developed a method for a fast and very precise analysis of proteins in cancerous tumours, which is currently being tested for clinical use,” says Professor Matthias Mann.


Researchers want to find protein biomarkers that can determine how aggressive a patient’s cancer illness will develop. This way, medical science will in the long term be able to customise more effective treatments.


”There is great potential in the field of proteomics research – in terms of analysing proteins and their interactions, but also when we study the effect of genome variation between humans at the functional level. I predict that this area of research in particular will grow significantly in the upcoming years,’” says Professor Mann.















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